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COVID 19 support

We are living in an age of the greatest pandemic the world has seen for the last 100 years, the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a pandemic which we need to fight together, and for all that to happen we need all sections and sectors involved.


Millions of low-income people in Bangladesh lack food and have been hit hard economically because of social distancing enforcement and lockdowns imposed as public safeguards against the coronavirus pandemic

Before the viral outbreak, the average monthly household income of the 2,675 respondents was 14,599 taka (U.S. $172) but it has since fallen to 3,742 taka ($42), Certainly there is a crisis as those who used to live hand-to-mouth have no work now.


Around 4.6 million children of primary-school age are not pursuing their education.

to address the loss and disruption of education during disasters, we are trying to  develop a framework for Education in Emergencies.

emergency Responses

Bangladesh is one of the most disaster-prone nations in the world. Every year, about 10 million Bangladeshi citizens are impacted by one or more natural hazards. we are ready to :

  • a Climate Change Cell to convert global forecasts into impact statements for Bangladesh;
  • a Disaster Management Information Center with communications links to all high-risk provinces in the country;



to eradicate extreme poverty. we are assisting people by loans, technical assistance, grants, and equity investments to promote social and economic development.our integrated approach focuses on creating livelihoods opportunities , increasing income and building the assets of the most marginalized and extreme poor so that they can live lives with dignity. We work at  household and community level to identify the needs of vulnerable families and help them to build to build sustainable sources of income.